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NM Route 66 Cities - Tucumcari
The meaning of the city's name lies in obscurity although many historians identify it as a possible derivation of a Comanche word for lookout. The community was originally named Douglas in 1901. In 1902 it changed the name to correspond with the scenic Tucumcari Mountains behind the town. Tucumcari is the seat of Quay county. Its major growth occurred after 1901 when the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad pushed through the community opening it to the flow of westward migration. As a Railroad camp it was notorious for its saloons, outlaws and rowdies earning it the nickname "Six-Shooter Siding."Route 66 crosses the Texas border into Glenrio through San Jon and into Tucumcari. heading westward it travels through the towns of Montoya, close to Newkirk down through Cuervo and into Santa Rosa.
Chamber of Commerce

P.0. Drawer E

Tucumcari, N.M. 88401

Ph. (505) 461-1694