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New Members and Renewals

New Members

John R. Jurgovan from St. Peters, Missouri recently joined our growing group of members and supporters, and writes that he is interested in Route 66: All of it!
Both Timothy J. Hurley, from Tinley Park, Illinois, as well as Tom Kotschi from Cudahy, Wisconsin, found us on our new web site. Tom writes that he is interested in the history and current conditions of the road today, and adds, "Your web site is very good." Thanks, Tom! You give us an opportunity to point out that the Albuquerque Journal recently named ours as "Web Site of the Week."
Dean H. Lewis of Mendanales, New Mexico, writes that he was born the same year that Route 66 came into being--1926. Congratulations! Dean has driven the road several times from California to the Midwest.
Pleas M. Glenn of Albuquerque is interested in the road and historical buildings. Dianne J. Wulff from Redington Shores, Florida writes that she is interested in preserving the original road and the great small businesses along it.
Please note our new business members as well as those renewing in the ad page. Also, for the first time this month, we are listing a business directory, so that members can stop by and say hello to our business supporters along Route 66.



Ron Edlund of Muskegon, Michigan renewed, and writes "I am happy and proud to say that I am a continuous member of all EIGHT Route 66 Associations." You deserve eight gold stars, Ronald!
Catherine Dau of Rio Rancho also renewed, as did Will Steinberg, owner of Interart who watches over our web site in Albuquerque. Will is interested in history and tourism.
Dorothy Black and Nate Skousen, Jr. are a brother and sister team whose father's company contracted for the building of much of Route 66 across New Mexico. They are both interested in the history of Route 66, and specifically a historical memorial monument and a Route 66 museum.
Suzanne K. Hatch, who has lived in the Duke City most of her life, as well as Steven Kells of Albuquerque, renewed, as did Bill and Joye Nygren of Farmington, New Mexico. Fern Mohler and W. R. Wimberly, both of Albuquerque, renewed and we appreciate the support from each of you.
Van Nightingale, from Orange, California, is another renewing member. He wrote that he and his wife finally were able to take their first Chicago-to-Santa Monica trip last June, and the New Mexico stretch was the highlight of the trip. Thanks, Van, we couldn't agree more!
Robin R.A. Smith of Rensselaer, New York also renewed, as did Eddy Wiles of Damascus, Maryland, and Bill Watts of Los Lunas, New Mexico. Bill furnishes us with clippings and makes copies of Route 66 programs aired on television for our members.


 New Mexico Route 66

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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony At New Route 66 Elementary School

Several local dignitaries atttended ribbon cuttings ceremonies for Route 66 Elementary School, 805 Barton Road, in Edgewood, NM on September 19. This might well be only school in the United States named after the legendary road.
Opening ceremonies complete with a ribbon cutting at 10 a.m. were attended by former Governor Bruce King and Rep. Heather Wilson, R-NM, as well as president of New Mexico Route 66 Association, Sue Mann. A school open house was held from 11:00 a.m. to noon, and many of the 225 students currently enrolled, as well as teachers and community, attended the festivities.
A chili cookoff, food, a live band and business trade show from noon until 2:00 p.m. completed the festivities. Elna Stowe, superintendent of Moriarty Munipal Schools, is proud of this school decorated with Route 66 in mind, complete with a neon sign in front and internal walls covered with maps of all the states along Route 66.
The history of Route 66 can only stay alive by being passed on to the younger generations, and the New Mexico Route 66 Association is proud to be a part of it.


  Get Your Kicks On Route
118, 122, 124 or 333?

In August, a letter from New Mexico Route 66 Association was mailed to New Mexico Senators, Representatives, and Commissioners who represent the areas along Route 66. This letter was written to enlist their help in getting the various state highways, NM 118, 122, 124, and 333 renamed as Route 66. This would simplify the signage problem and aid motorists who are wanting to drive the nostalgic route by offering an easier way to follow it. We feel that New Mexico is losing out on a valuable tourist attraction, because Interstate 40 has poor signage for directing drivers to Route 66. If you visit Arizona, Texas, or Oklahoma, you know where to exit to pick up Route 66, and the road itself has specific names, such as "Historic U.S. 66," "Old Route 66," etc. Please write to your Senator and tell them that you are interested in seeing such legislation passed.

Thanks for your support!

Judy Wallmark, one of our members from Missouri, was honored to visit her State Legislature and witness the signing into law a state road's name change back to Route 66. Although it took several years, positive actions such as this arise from the grass roots efforts of people like Judy. Congratulations on the accomplishment, Missouri! You showed us how to do it.

Book Review:
Oklahoma Crossroads

by Sue Bohannan Mann

Michael Wallis has written a book about his adopted home state in Oklahoma Crossroads. Enriched by the photographs of David Fitzgerald, the reader feels the magic of the land, the people and the place that is Northeastern Oklahoma or "Green Country."
First rate story teller Michael spoke of Route 66 memories to the luncheon audience on June 6 before the official ribbon cutting of the National Route 66 Museum in Elk City, Oklahoma. He reigns as story teller supreme among Route 66 aficionados. Reading his book, the reader feels the texture of prairie grass and the animals who meander among it, smell the winds as they gently carry the scent of earth, trees, and know the sense of loss to the Native American people who were forced from their traditional homes and replaced by settlers who struggled to survive.
The richness of the text is supplemented by Fitzgerald's 85 photographs of crisp city skylines, lush forests, trees colored by autumn's weather changes. Available for $27 from Graphics Art Center Publishing. Call Customer Service at 1-800-452-3032.

Expansion of the Newsletter

by Susan Simons

The New Mexico Route 66 Association newsletter has grown, thanks to a recently awarded New Mexico Department of Tourism's advertising grant. And more changes are in store. This newsletter has been expanded to twelve pages and will be available in Welcome Centers throughout the state. You will also see new and different maps added, as well as more information about specific areas along Route 66 to make visits more fun and interesting.


Susan Simons and Susie McComb continue their respective roles as ambassadors of New Mexico Route 66 Association. Susan represented us at the first Grants/Cibola Tourism Symposium in August, which was a huge success with good programs and valuable information exchanged among groups interested in promoting New Mexico. In addition, both Susan and Susie attended the US EXPO 66 in Amarillo on October 2-4.

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